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Textures & Finishes

Any single texture or color can be used to create a unique appearance, and can be applied to an entire project, as a decorative border, or with any combination of concrete colors and finishes.

Broom Finish is the standard and the most common finish used. It provides a slight texture to the top surface of the concrete. It is a clean look on its own and can be enhanced with the use of color.
Salt finish is the process of casting and embedding rock salt into surface of the concrete. The following day, the salt is washed away, revealing the impression of salt. It creates a unique appearance and is widely used.
  Exposed Aggregate
Exposed Aggregate is the process of washing of the top surface layer of the concrete, to "expose" the aggregate or rock. There are two types: In-mix and Hand Seeded. Whichever you choose, both provide a natural appearance that compliment any landscape.

    In-mix: In-mix aggregate is just that. The rock is pre-mixed into the concrete from the concrete plant. It typically comes in three colors: Overall grey, Earth tones, and Black/White.

    Hand Seeded: Hand Seeded aggregate comes in bags and is casted by hand and embedded into the top layer of the concrete. It is available in a wide variety of colors.
Stamp concrete provides a look that resembles natural stone and/or slate. All textures look great as a single color or multi-colored.
Italian Slate
Old Granite Stone
Roman Slate

Adding color to concrete can enhance the overall look of any project.

AB Concrete can provide current color charts upon visit and can assist with color choices.